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In gym class, Olivia—or Ollie, as she likes to be called—cannot jump rope. Every time she tries, her feet get tangled up and her frustration rises. As the room fills with the Thwick and Thump of her friends jumping rope, Ollie’s heartbeat quickens and her face feels hot. Before she knows it, Ollie has a case of The Overwhelms. The Overwhelms threaten to ruin her day, but Ollie knows what to do! This is a job for Super Ollie! 

Activating her superpower called supercalm, Ollie knows the best way to stay focused is to take deep breaths and concentrate on a thought that helps her feel happy. In no time, Ollie’s power of supercalm shines bright. Will she be able to solve the case of The Overwhelms and learn to jump rope? 

Now Available!  Super Ollie Outsmarts Overwhelm

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Natalie And The Night Sky


The best summer of Natalie’s life starts to feel a bit lonely as she spends time around her best friend’s family. For the first time Natalie questions what it is it like to have a brother or sister? As an only child to two devoted parents she will never know.

Join Natalie as she travels from loneliness to connection and discovers sometimes the best things in life are the people you can collect into your family as you grow.


Natalie looks over at Steven as he squishes two whole smores together and shoves them into his mouth. She shakes her head and laughs.

Shayla leans over to her friend and whispers, “Natalie, why do you ask? Do you wish you had a brother or a sister?”

Natalie shrugs and says “I’m not sure. Sometimes, I think it might be nice to have a brother or a sister to hang out with. It is usually just me, Mom and Dad.”

Press release:

Natalie and The Night Sky: A positive story about an only child’s journey from loneliness to connection


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